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Community Projects

Bendigo Bank has a long history of strengthening local communities. That’s why we’ve created Bendigo Bank Communities – a meeting place where project creators and supporters come together with a shared vision, to turn dreams into reality. We believe successful customers and successful communities create a successful bank – in that order. So whether you’re driving a project or want to chip in by donating goods, money or expertise, we’ll be right by your side to provide advice when you need it. We’ve poured every ounce of our experience into Communities, so your project has the best shot at success. Join us and let’s make possibilities happen – together.

Want to know more? See our frequently asked questions and guidelines for details.

Creating projects

Your community project can grow wings with the help and support offered through Communities. There are a few simple steps to follow, and you’ll be off.

  1. Join Communities – all you need is your email address or Facebook account details.
  2. Create a project – it’s an easy step-by-step process. You’ll need to decide what sort of help you need – funding, volunteers or resources – and then just follow the prompts.
  3. Gain approval – once you’ve created your project, it’ll be reviewed by our team to make sure everything is in order and you've got the best chance to succeed.

Supporting projects

Supporting a community project can be hugely rewarding. Communities makes offering support easy.

Start by exploring our range of projects. Once you find one that moves you, you’ll need to decide on the type of support you’d like to offer. Choose one, or both, of the following options, depending on what the project needs.

  1. Pledge now – the perfect way to pledge money in support of your chosen project.
  2. Help out – whether you’d like to donate goods, or volunteer time or resources, your contribution will be welcomed here.

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