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Our Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades need to purchase a new, tough all-terrain van equipped with the latest equipment to help save lives.

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About the project

Project Story

With temperatures soaring to record highs, the threat of severe bush fires in our region increases every day. Our community members depend on each other to be prepared and bush fire ready and for our response agencies to be ready and suitably equipped to manage emergency events.

Within the City of Albany, our 16 Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades look after a massive land area measuring more than 4,500km2. Last fire season, our volunteer bush fire fighters spent over 5,560 hours combating 110 fires within our district and beyond.

Our brigade are currently battling fires from a second-hand 1989 model caravan and while it has served the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades well for the last 14 years it's time for an upgrade to ensure we are properly equipped to defend our community.

It has been an invaluable resource for use at bush fires both within the City of Albany and in other regions.

As the van is well past its use by date the City is seeking your support to purchase a new, tough all-terrain van and mobile repeater units that will meet the needs of the Bush Fire Brigades, and other emergency res ponders, for many years to come.

The new van will be purpose built for emergency incidents set up with all the relevant communication equipment needed and availability for other agencies to put in their equipment if required.

This van will also be available for major community state and national events as a communications van.

How the funds will be used

To purchase and supply a purpose built Forward Control Van and Mobile Repeater units for the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades and community of Albany. Mobile Repeater Trailer, Aerial for FCV (pump up to be fitted to rear of van).

What makes this project special

Your support will not only provide direct assistance to our bush fire brigade volunteers, but you will also be helping the wider Albany community by increasing the effectiveness and communications with which brigades can control the spread of wild fires and potentially reduce the risk of destruction of crops and other critical resources within Albany.

The new van will be purpose built for emergency incidents in the Albany and surrounding areas and be available to DPAW, SES, Marine Rescue and police and ambulance if required.

Supporters 18

  • Alison Milfull
  • Andrew Carrucan
  • Ellie Gregory
  • Sarah Bowles
  • Julie Vanderros
  • Courtney Douglas
  • Melanie Argent
  • Jason Krein
  • David Poultney
  • Anne-Marie Lockyer
  • Lower King & Bayonet Head Progress Association
  • Kalgan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade
  • Tambellup Cranbrook Community Bank

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