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Creative Art for Youth

We are looking to raise $5,000 for six community murals that will be created by six local community groups and facilitated by six local young emerging artists. The murals will then be installed at the Courthouse Youth Arts building, creating a community space and creative hub for young people.

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About the project

Project Story

Courthouse Youth Arts is a cultural hub for youth, harnessing local talent and encouraging young artists to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences through art.

This project is seeking to raise funds for six community murals that will be created by six minority groups in the community.

How the funds will be used

To cover the costs of the production of the murals. This includes the mural boards themselves, as well as all of the materials and the installation.

What makes this project special

The six groups engaged to create the murals represent a different group in the community and will be matched with a young local artist to inspire and collaborate. The murals will then be installed in the courtyard creating a space for the wider community to use and enjoy. Here at the Courthouse, we want to give young people a safe place where they can come and put their spin on things, highlight their experience of the world, their vision and perspective. Offering them a sense of belonging, ownership and creative license. Murals allow the individuals to visualize a collective goal to strive towards and provide them an opportunity to show their art in a public sphere. The majority of the youth we collaborate with would not otherwise have a chance to have their voice heard and through establishing this dialogue we hope to empower them in their creative abilities and future endeavours.

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