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Samford Riding for the Disabled

We need new saddles for our therapy horses so we can continue to support children and adults with a disability and help improve their qualit

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About the project

Project Story

Samford Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) is a not-for-profit group that uses horses to help people with a wide range of disabilities to build core body strength, balance and coordination. We operate with a herd of a dozen horses – all amazing for their ability to stay calm and look after their riders no matter what. These horses deserve and receive, the very best of care.  A big challenge is to ensure that each horse has a well-fitted saddle so they are always comfortable as they work. Wherever possible, we purchase new saddles, professionally fitted to the individual horse. After many years of constant use, several of our saddles are nearing their use-by date and need replacing. We also have newcomers to the herd who need saddles that fit them like a glove. This fundraising initiative has successfully reached its tipping point.

How the funds will be used

Funds raised through this initiative will purchase five new all purpose saddles professionally fitted to five RDA horses.

What makes this project special

Our horses make this project very special. Horses suitable for working with disabled people must have the right temperament and enjoy the challenging work expected of them. To see a horse standing calmly and without moving a muscle while their rider suffers a seizure is to understand what makes these animals so extraordinary. They sense their rider’s needs and support them, while ignoring their own natural flight instincts. For a horse, feeling comfortable is vital for their physical and emotional wellbeing – and we do everything we can to ensure our horses’ comfort while they work with disabled people.

This project will be successful when...

Through the success of this initiative, five Samford RDA horses will be working with new, personally fitted saddles that allow them to continue their work with people with a disability in comfort.

How can you help?

We have a modest target, so even small contributions will help. Samford RDA also values practical support such as that provided by volunteers who support riders during lessons, feed and care for RDA horses, and work to maintain our centre and riding arena.

Supporters 12

  • Bob Millar
  • Gary O'Malley
  • Nick Morgan
  • Anthony Walsh
  • Megan McCarthy
  • Danielle Turner
  • Luke Smith
  • Alice Morgan
  • Vidya Kannanda
  • Kate Hirst
  • Brooke Nowitzke

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