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Carers Wellness and Inspiration Programs for young teens


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Help fund a Carers retreat for 20 children under the age of 18years of age.

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About the project

Project Story

Did you know there were there are more than three million carers in Australia, and 400,000 of these are young people from the ages of 8 to 25?

Did you know that 80% of these young people have mental health issues, including severe depression and anxiety, due the extreme stress associated with caring? Some of these kids see no hope and want to end their lives, which is tragic.

Caring for someone at home is exhausting, mentally and physically, and these kids just never have any time to themselves. These young carers are under enormous physical, emotional and financial pressure thanks to their selfless acts of compassion, and often they have no choice. They are forgotten in the community and in fact most people do not even realise they exist.

The Carers Foundation Australia cares for these young carers, by providing unique wellness programs that offer hope, joy, nurturing and inspiration, at a peaceful private location. However we need a more funding to continue caring for these young carers as the demand is increasing rapidly.

We need your help to raise funds for more Wellness and Inspiration Programs.

These Programs offer hope, nurturing, wellness education and inspiration for these amazing young people.

How the funds will be used

The funds will be used to facilitate Carers Wellness and Inspiration Programs for the young people.

These kids have very little joy or inspiration in their lives, and these programs give them a chance to learn new skills to cope and manage their debilitating stress and anxiety. They also meet new friends in similar situations, which allows them to stay in contact once they return home.

All the funds raised will assist young carers from all over Queensland to attend the program.

What makes this project special

Young carers are the forgotten members in the community. They are often placed into a caring role with no choice. Their parent may get cancer, diagnosed with chronic medical or mental illness, have an accident, or their sibling has a disability.

Can you imagine for a minute being a 14 year old caring for your mum dying of cancer?

Who is going to care for that child if there is no other parent or adult around?

Can you imagine the stress and anxiety that child will endure, without even realizing the impact on their health.

It is imperative we care for these kids, and they need to be nurtured,  inspired, have hope and be a normal teen, even if for a few days.

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  • Mike Clahsen

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