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Explore the wildlife and protected areas of the Top End

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Weeds of Northern Australia
You will receive our amazing field guide “Weeds of Northern Australia” that is the perfect complementary book for our NT Wildlife book. Postage included.

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Wildlife Book + shipping
Once printed, you will receive a shiny new hard copy of our book (soft cover). This reward includes postage.

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Signed copy of book + field guide

Not only will you get a copy of our wonderful book that has been signed by the author, but we will also send you our field guide “Weeds of Northern Australia”. Postage included.

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Environment Centre Package

A signed copy of the NT Wildlife book, a copy of "Weeds of Northern Australia", Environment Centre NT Household membership for 1 year plus an Environment Centre NT T-shirt. Postage Included.

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Help us produce a reader friendly, comprehensive field guide to the animals that live in one of the world’s best wildlife territories.

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About the project

Project Story

Australia’s Top End is home to an amazing array of unique and rare wildlife and many of Australia’s most iconic National Parks. We want to publish a reader friendly and comprehensive field guide of the animals that live in one of the world’s best wildlife areas and the places visitors can go to see them.

The easy-to-use, full colour guide features 700 species of wildlife. With over 2,000 images this books is a photographic showcase of unprecedented quality. Every species is illustrated by one to three images, depicting different colour forms, juveniles, in flight and a whole lot more. Concise, detailed information covers distinguishing features, habitats, distribution and conservation status.

Watching wildlife, an ever-increasing activity, is made easy with the sections on national parks and protected areas.

A range of experts contribute in depth information on topics of current interest, such as crocodiles and cane toads.

How the funds will be used

Five years of work has gone into planning this book. The money raised from this campaign will mean we can publish our book and spread the word.

What makes this project special

Many people have collaborated to produce this fascinating and informative book.  This will be the first broad-coverage handbook for wildlife of the Northern Territory including 700 species in a single volume. Through this project we aim to raise awareness of our wildlife and provide accurate and helpful information to the wider public.

This project will be successful when...

Reaching our target in this crowdfunding will be a success for this project. The Environment Center need your support to be able to print and publish this book. Without reaching the tipping point we will not able to print and publish this incredible field guide.

How can you help?

We have put our heart and soul into this project and just need your help to get it across the finish line!

We are asking you to please pledge whatever you can so that we can finally see our hard work come together in a hard copy book.

Even a small amount will add up to something big and help our dreams become reality. If you are unable to donate financially please share our project page with others so that we can reach our goal.

Supporters 16

  • Marianne Harvey
  • Stuart Blanch
  • Deborah Hall
  • Stephen Williams
  • Amanda Sutton
  • Daneile Davis
  • Mitch Hart
  • Dominic Nicholls
  • Hamish Clark
  • Tida Nou
  • Emma Barrett
  • Emma Lupin
  • Aidan Andrew

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